Website design is not a simple process

Your website is the front door to your business.  Despite all the "free websites" and "DIY site builders",  building a site that both attracts customers and can be indexed properly by the search engines can be difficult.

Search engines (Google, mostly) are always tweaking the algorithyms and forcing website designers to alter their strategies. Website maintenance is time consuming when you factor this in with the other updates and upgrades the internet demands.  Software is updating regularly, browsers change their capabilities, and your company grows and takes on new facets of your industry.  Having someone who knows and keeps up with all of this is important for your site.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives your site the ability to be indexed and found on search engines.  Most website designers give you a shell and then hope to nickle and dime you to add in the important background info, the SEO, and then charge you more $$.  We do not play that game; our sites are handed over ready to promote and submit to the search engines.  Even WE get calls from those "firms" in India or some foreign realm telling us a falsehood that our "site is not fully optimized, we can do that for you".  These marketing ploys are just that, ploys.  A site done by American Printing Services does NOT need further tags, keywords, or widgets.  It comes standard with your site.

Widgets can be helpful to your site if they are used correctly. They are a line of code that will showcases your products and should be updated constantly. The Bio on the next page is an example of a widget When i change it, it changes on ALL my pages where that code is embedded. 


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SEO and widgets

Website Samples

The Pool Works

Decked Out
Too Sharp Sisters

Valenti Cox Safes

Click any of the thumbnails above to see sites we have recently published and maintain.  Each site has something unique to offer and each site was completed with FULL SEO and ready for promotion / submission.

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